Our novelties

Cologne forte Collection is an invitation to travel towards a destination steeped in light, colors and freshness. Mostly provided by the bergamot -the fundamental ingredient of the traditional eau de Cologne-, freshness plays the leading role in these new creations of the Maison’s olfactory wardrobe.

Our collection of perfumes for women is like a closet where each garment offers polished style and the olfactory nuances that express all facets of women’s radiance and fulfillment.

Composed like an olfactory symphony, our collection of fragrances for men grants them freedom to express their personality with exceptional fragrances that reflect their wants.

Our collection of unisex fragrances is composed of rare perfumes that unite man and woman in a shared story, a shared wake. A fragrance wardrobe meant to be shared at will

Mother's day selection

The most beautiful declarations of love are pronounced by our children, and are even prettier when they're scented. Mother’s Day is the occasion to rediscover the classics from the fragrance wardrobe of the Maison, as many fragrances as feminine silhouettes.

Complimentary Engraving

From April 19th to April 30th, we are pleased to offer you a free engraving on any fragrance you purchase.


Select a gift from a special online selection for every purchase over 200€.

Our icons

Express your personality by choosing one or more emblematic pieces from the Maison's fragrance wardrobe.

Delve into the world of Maison Francis Kurkdjian with their discovery collections. Explore unique scents with perfume sets which will stir memories and dreams to aspire to the exceptional.

A soft flaming glow and fragrant notes infuse a delicate and unique ambiance in the home. Create a delicately refined atmosphere with our collection of candles for an ambiance that is relaxing and cozy, warm and woody, or bright and fresh.

The freedom to create