"My fragrant notes are an invitation to focus on the art of composing, explore a raw material or share with you my insider vision of the perfumer’s world."

Francis Kurkdjian

Since the creation of Maison Francis Kurkdjian, my greatest desire has been to experiment with perfume in all its forms. 

Archetype of freshness, the eau de Cologne was created at the end of the 17th century and eventually became the name of an entire family of perfumes.

Keep the warm days going with the “sunny notes” whose sillage has grown popular in the last two decades as we began to take winter trips to sunny destinations and aspire to year-round tanned skin.

Choosing the right scent for yourself or a loved one can be challenging sometimes. I always draw a parallel between perfume and love.

Nature offers a multitude of flowers with complex scents that are comparable to perfumers’ creations. 

Many questions and obstacles persist about gender in perfumery. Are certain raw materials more specifically feminine or masculine?

My second fragrant note is dedicated to flowers – a natural choice with the arrival of spring. With their multiple varieties and innumerable facets, flowers represent an infinite source of inspiration and creation.

This first edition is devoted to oud wood, an ingredient put to fame in two of my latest creations and one amongst the most astonishing raw materials in my perfumer’s palette.

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