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Woody notes include creamy woods like sandalwood, amyris wood, drier woods like cedar or earthy notes like vetiver or patchouli.

Francis Kurkdjian

Flowers are multiple: Centifolia rose and its powdery and honeyed heart, the floral and fruity notes of jasmine, the gustatory and solar facets of an orange blossom or airy floral notes carried by the wind.

Francis Kurkdjian

Freshness can be expressed in different ways: the idea of water, of a very blue sky, the zest of citrus fruits, fresh flowers with an airy scent, a flight of white musk.

Francis Kurkdjian

Spicy notes include the fresh and fusing notes of pepper, cardamom, the warm and deep tones of cumin or cinnamon, even the metallic sensations of saffron.

Francis Kurkdjian

Gourmand notes are equally expressed through the sensuality of vanilla, the unctuousness of a sweet pastry or the tangy sensation of red fruits, such as blackcurrant or raspberry.

Francis Kurkdjian

A wish to discover notes that do not necessarily correspond to what you think you like or want to wear, something unusual.

Francis Kurkdjian