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On a short escapade or a longer journey, bring along a few pieces of a rare olfactory wardrobe designed for women or men.


All Fragrance wardrobe Globe Trotter Refills

A collection of eight fragrances selected among the essentials and new perfumes from our collection. An elegant presentation as an olfactory wardrobe.

Globe trotter is a spray case especially designed to shelter all Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrance refills. A culte travel accessory to take with you.

Wearing perfume everywhere and on any occasion thanks to the refill format of Maison Francis Kurkdjian's fragrances

754 travel set
À la rose travel set
Baccarat Rouge 540 travel set
OUD mood collection
Globe Trotter
Globe Trotter
Refills - 754
Refills - À la rose
Refills - Amyris femme
Refills - Amyris homme
Refills - APOM femme
Refills - APOM homme
Refills - Aqua Celestia
Refills - Aqua Universalis
Refills - Aqua Universalis forte
Refills - Aqua Vitae
Refills - Aqua Vitae forte
Refills - Baccarat Rouge 540
Refills - féminin Pluriel
Refills - Grand Soir
Refills - Lumière Noire femme
Refills - Lumière Noire homme
Refills - masculin Pluriel
Refills - OUD
Refills - OUD cashmere mood
Refills - OUD satin mood
Refills - OUD silk mood
Refills - OUD velvet mood
Refills - Petit Matin