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A perfumer's know how - Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Since the creation of Maison Francis Kurkdjian, my greatest desire has been to experiment with perfume in all its forms. This is stated in our motto: “perfumed life 24/7”. I have probably created a sensation by combining high-quality fragrances with laundry detergents, soap bubbles or even leather. As with High Perfumery, each of these products requires the same high standards and precise composition expertise.

It is in alcohol that all the olfactory facets of a fragrance (eau de Cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and extract) are revealed and all their notes are intensified. Beyond style, the technique is first and foremost devoted to the release of fragrance in the air and the harmony of its olfactory sensation on the skin.

Depending on the supports or “bases” such as foaming agents (shower gel, shampoo), “white” products (body cream or lotion), “oily” products (body oil and candle), soaps, talcum powders and even detergents, technical problems can differ widely. Although the alcohol currently used for skin fragrances is odorless, other supports have more or less intense base odors.

A perfumer's know how - Maison Francis Kurkdjian

“Each product requires a composition technique with its own distinctive rules.”

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Thus, my mission is to adapt my formulation so as to achieve optimal quality, experience and olfactory reproduction. Uncompromising: my attitude towards all my creations.

Within the Maison, I believe that using a scented product is another way to experience your perfume fully and differently, while rediscovering the same rich ingredients and olfactory notes. To do this, I must adapt formulas in order to overcome support constraints.

As far as shower gels are concerned, head notes will be enhanced to cover the foaming base odor. For creams, base notes will be released to give more amplitude. As for candles, wax absorbs fragrances sometimes up to the point of making them disappear. Burning is also complicated as it is not the perfume that burns but the liquefied wax which releases the perfume.

Over the years I have polished my technique so that each and every one of my creations, when declined in these different supports, is true to the original inspiration, thus producing a faithful olfactory experience. Therefore, like in a Haute Couture workshop, I dedicate on behalf Maison Francis Kurkdjian all the expertise required by the perfume in order to best serve all those who honor us with their support.

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