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Women's fragrances

Like invisible garments, the women's perfumes in our collection are companions to a radiant femininity. Thought as a fragrance wardrobe in which every item contributes to creating a certain look or style, our perfume collection reveals olfactory nuances that can be played with to express the multiple lifestyles of modern-day women.

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Like an essential piece in a wardrobe carefully composed, our Aqua collection plays around freshness and versatility, finding a special place in our fragrances collection.

These creations express the different facets of unbound femininity and masculinity, making up a collection of sophisticated yet easy to wear fragrances where craftsmanship adds to the uniqueness of each trail.

Sensual and sophisticated fragrances that instantaneously dress up those who wear them, for a distinctive elegance that exudes from the skin.

Similar to the outstanding pieces of a skilfully composed wardrobe, some creations in our collection of perfumes have been interpreted in a specially crafted extract version.

À la rose
À la rose Extrait de parfum
Absolue Pour le Matin
Absolue Pour le Soir
Amyris femme
Amyris femme Extrait de parfum
APOM femme
APOM femme Extrait de parfum
Aqua Celestia
Aqua Universalis
Aqua Universalis Extrait de parfum
Aqua Universalis forte
Aqua Vitae
Aqua Vitae forte
Baccarat Rouge 540
Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de parfum
Ciel de Gum
Cologne Pour le Matin
Cologne Pour le Soir
féminin Pluriel
féminin Pluriel Extrait de parfum
Grand Soir
Le Beau Parfum
Le Beau Parfum limited edition
The OUD mood Prestige case
Lumière Noire femme
OUD Extrait de parfum
OUD cashmere mood
OUD satin mood
OUD satin mood Extrait de parfum
OUD silk mood
OUD silk mood Extrait de parfum
OUD velvet mood
Petit Matin