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Artistic Collaborations

His curiosity about others and his eclecticism mutually nourish each other. Each encounter, be it with an artist, artisan, musician, choreographer, writer or emblematic venue, has its own sincere and fragrant emotion.

Since a couple of years, Maison Francis Kurkdjian is promoting the experimental work of young Swiss-Canadian photographer and artist Christelle Boulé.

Bringing a fragrance to life is an evocative and vibrant experience. A few drops of a perfume are laid on silver-colored paper, dried, exposed to light, and bathed in photo development fluids to reveal the image of the fragrance. The “Expanded Drops” series is a selection of original photographic prints, all made using Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrances.

These series were exhibited during Gallery events that took place in Maison Francis Kurkdjian points of sales in the US (Neiman Marcus in Houston, Dallas and Paramus) and at the Maison Francis Kurkdjian boutique in Miami during Art Basel 2019… More dates to come.

The smell of blood. When perfume is raised to the status of Art, emotion is all that matters. This collaboration with Syrian artist Hratch Arbach for his work entitled Mawtini, invites perfume to become a part of the dark and dire events of 2014.

A collaboration with French artist Sylvain Le Guen to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Francis Kurkdjian's bespoke perfume workshop. The artist's extraordinary imagination and fascination for fragrance blotters led to a poetic, intricately detailed fan, a tribute to the beauty of gestures.

In September 2006, the opening of Marie-Antoinette's estate to the public was an opportunity for the Château de Versailles to raise funds through the sale of the queen's perfume. Francis Kurkdjian concocted the fragrance based on authentic historical documents.
The Château used the proceeds to purchase Marie Antoinette's wooden travelling case, built by Jean-Henri Reisener.

November 2003 and October 2004. A series of four fragrances composed for a performance by Christian Rizzo commissioned by the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art and the Mudam in Luxembourg.
The end product is a blend of the flowery fragrance that escapes from the dancers' costumes and the scent of their bodies in movement.

A fragrance created for the centennial commemoration of the Entente Cordiale, held at the Palais Garnier opera house in Paris in September 2004.
A thousand numbered, limited edition bottles of the fragrance were produced and given to guests in remembrance of the evening.

Soirées Nomades 2003. Artist Sophie Calle offered creative carte blanche for the first time. The memory of a well-worn dollar bill is the starting point: the smell of linen-fibre paper, the animal scent of the ink, the dirt from constant handling.
The creation was presented at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art.

This blend of strawberry, banana and orange blossom sorbets is the fruit of a collaboration between Christophe Michalak (pastry chef at the Plaza Athénée Hotel in Paris and 2005 World Pastry Champion) and Francis Kurkdjian.
This dessert featured on the menu of "La Cour Jardin" restaurant at the Plaza Athénée Hotel during the summer of 2006.

A scented tale designed for the Ministry of Culture's Christmas party in 2007. It featured a Christmas tree, 6.5 metres high and 4 metres in diameter, decorated with 600 hand-blown glass baubles and scented with a frosty rose fragrance, amidst the sounds of tinkling crystal drop beads, falling glass baubles and laughing children.

Scenographer: Jean Hugues de Châtillon. Master glass-blower: Dominique Marcadé. Soundtrack: Yan Chétrit.